In the spirit of street photography I travel across Canada and the US on a regular basis to photograph vehicles in settings that are meaningful or ironic, as a way of capturing or commenting on social values.

At one time automobiles were primarily a status symbol for the privileged and cities were conceived around people. Gradually, one then two cars per household became the norm and people moved to cities conceived around the idea that the automobile was the preferred method of transportation. Furthermore, new types of businesses emerged to cater to motorists such as motels, roadside eateries and the now ubiquitous drive-thru.

Society has gone from adapting to automobiles to being dependent on them. Because of this integration, I believe they are more than functional machines; they reflect aspects of our culture. By capturing vehicles in meaningful settings, I strive to comment on issues such as economic disparity in relation to ethnic demographics.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Untitled, Mendocino CA, 2007